Realist (noun): a person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly.

In an industry notorious for “smoke and mirrors,” it can be blinding to reach the depths of the true meaning of style. Coming from someone who guiltlessly worships glossies and follows more brands than people on Instagram, the glitz effect can be inspiring and purely fun; but what juts importance to a beautiful façade is the creative expression that lies beneath.

And this brings us to The Realist— I’m all about taking a “realistic” approach to fashion to find trends, inspiration and styling cues that speak to you as an individual.

Currently, I work in trend forecasting at a corporate retailer in New York City while freelancing as a stylist, editor and brand strategist. Utilizing my background in fashion editorial, luxury PR and film acting, I’ve curated my eye and voice to stay cutting edge yet down-to-earth.

If you’re brand or individual in need of creative assistance, head to my services page here to see how we can work together! Talk soon xx

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For more about me, check out my portfolio and LinkedIn. You can also find me in the press on Simply Be, Her Campus and Kent State's A Magazine