Why I'm Done With Shopping Online


Over the last six months, I’ve been wrestling with the idea that shopping online is actually doing way more harm than good for my closet— and my wallet. Between the deceptive images, high shipping costs and poor quality, it’s nearly impossible to me to justify any actual pros of online shopping. Sure, the discounts are incredible and it’s easy to see their assortment, but does that really outweigh those lows? I’m saying no.

I’ll be fair, my usual online suspects consist of fast-fashion retailers like ASOS and Nasty Gal with the occasional “Amazon Fashion” purchase, so I’ve never expected the best of the best anyway. With that being said, I do expect a garment to be feasibly constructed and fabric to not be literally see-through if it wasn’t pictured as so online.

I wish I had photos to show you all of a pair of pants I received from a popular UK retailer that were thinner than a piece of paper and a turtleneck that the actual “neck” portion was about three times the size of what it should have been… no joke, it would’ve been longer than my head.

I’m a girl who thrives on creativity and exploration with fashion, so I’m always down to take a more inexpensive route if it means I can stretch my shopping dollars for the month a little further. Thanks to that mentality, I’m the ultimate fashion victim when it comes to a good sale.

Countless online retailers take advantage of shoppers by claiming these “flash sales” will shortly expire and you need to put your order in asap. News flash— these retailers are never not on sale. And to make it worse, those impulse buys are next to impossible to return between lack-luster customer care and outrageous shipping costs if they refuse to provide a label.

In the long-run, I’m convinced I’m spending more time and money trying to catch a deal and “expand my fashion horizons” than simply shopping in stores. Think… If you want to try an inexpensive trend piece, you can tell right away how poorly made it is and if you want to give it a go. If the construction is off, you can simply try it on and put it straight back on the rack. Not to mention, brick-and-mortar retailers are constantly upping their game to make the in-store experience as intriguing and seamless as possible.

No more running to the Post Office before it closes after work, tracking down a box, spending money on shipping, being shocked at the how different an item looks in-person or getting turned down for refunds by insane policies (like we need the extra stress, right?).

I’m an absolute advocate for deals that can’t be passed up and the importance of accessibility to fashion for all. Let’s be real, not everyone has the budget to splurge on luxe labels at swanky department stores and there’s countless people who use ever-evolving fashion as a means for finding themselves.

Here’s my advice: get your butt into stores, shop vintage, shop local. Take advantage of what’s around and find what’s best for you. It’ll make all the difference.