Among the Greatest

Last week, I had the opportunity to be surrounded by some of the greatest women in the world. Seriously, this isn’t even an exaggeration; think Oprah, Anna Wintour and Hillary Clinton… just to name a few.

Thanks to InfluenceHer Collective and Women in the World, I was able to attend WITW’s 10th Annual Summit in New York City. The days leading up to the conference had me constantly thinking about how I was going to make the most of the opportunity and if I would be able to articulate the invaluable lessons of these women to all of you.

Tina Brown, Founder and Host of WITW, set the tone for this year with the question of “Can women save the world?” and, collectively, the answer was a simple yet passionate “Hell yeah!”

Read on for quick hot takes from the greatest.

1. In order to save the world, we can’t forget to save ourselves.

During Oprah’s opening night keynote, there was one standout theme: don’t forget to save yourself. I’m sure many of us can relate that although having a big heart is undoubtedly a beautiful thing, we can only fill others up so high if we haven’t taken the time to nourish ourselves. This was coming from Oprah, you guys! A woman who’s known for her unparalleled philanthropic efforts and generosity… Let that sink in.

2. It all starts with one.

When asked the thematic question of the summit, DVF responded with, “You educate a woman, you make a nation.” Her powerful words reiterate that importance of even the smallest step. Each day, effort or person is part of a greater story that wouldn’t be the same without even the smallest part.

3. We’re stronger together.

Hillary Clinton took the time to reflect with us on bringing out the best in not only ourselves but those around us. She emphasized that “The job of a leader is to appeal to us to be more than we could be on our own.” This idea of spreading positivity and uplifting one another is important for anyone, whether you consider yourself a leader or not.