5 Items That I Can't Stop Wearing

Spoiler alert: This list is all about versatility. I’ve been living in these items during rainy days and sweltering afternoons, brunches and interviews, and spring into fall. I can’t stop wearing these pieces and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. If you’re looking to satisfy that shopping bug, check out some of my favorites on the list below!  

1. White Sneakers

Okay, maybe this is obvious, but white sneakers are a wardrobe necessity. I wear mine with everything from breezy dresses to shorts in the summer and chic tailored coats in the winter for a juxtaposed look. If you would’ve told me back in high school when I quite literally wore a heel every day that I’d be living in sneakers post-grad, I definitely would have thought you’re crazy. Am I mad about this change though? Definitely not.

2. Denim Jacket

The key to a transitional denim jacket is the weight of the fabric and wash. I own a black, distressed denim jacket that I tend to wear at night or rainy days during the warmer months and a heavier jacket with leather sleeves and personalized patches that I’ll frequent during fall and spring. Either way, a denim jacket is a staple, but it’s even more fun to have a couple options to change up my look throughout the year.

3. Detailed Bag

I always have the best luck thrifting really incredible vintage accessories. They’re usually in good condition and, honestly, seem even more well-made than what you can find in a lot of stores these days. Not only is the quality amazing, but they’re unique, too! I’m not the type of person you’ll catch walking around with a Gucci bag every other girl owns, so finding a truly special bag is such a gem to me— and a great deal! If you’re not a thrifter, here’s some alternatives.

4. Culottes

I was shopping with my mom before I moved to New York, and she still could not fathom why I never wear jeans. I remember telling her, “culottes are the new jeans.” Now, that may be a bit extreme… but let’s look at the facts: SO comfortable, easily dressed up or down and a flattering silhouette.

5. Pearl Earrings

One of my favorite styling cues is wearing classic items in unconventional ways. I find myself reaching for these simple drop pearl earrings no matter how I wear my hair, if I’m going to an interview or night out and with nearly any pattern. Pearls don’t need to be reserved for upscale events if you’re up for creative styling.