The Five Coats You Need to Survive Winter

We’ve officially reached that slump of the year when it’s the post-holiday season, cold af and nothing to look forward to until rooftop season that’s not even yet in sight. I mean, can we all agree January - March is the worst time of the year..? Despite the negativity, there is still one highlight: incredible outerwear.

This is no time to resort to your average puffer or all black getup; the market is flooded with coats waiting to make a statement this season. We’ve seen a shift toward eye-catching colors in bold primaries and icy pastels at retailers from Forever 21 to Bergdorf Goodman. There’s even a slew of prints making their way onto the outerwear market. Seriously, brace yourself to rock a leopard duster, pop art printed puffer and lavender faux fur.

Even if you’re not quite ready to be as daring with your coat selection this season,  here are the five essentials you need to make an easy, on-trend statement. Watch the IGTV version here!

  1. Amped Up Puffer

  2. Haute Hue

  3. XL Duster

  4. Perennial Print

  5. Faux Fur Moment