What to Wear: Birthday Celebration

If you know me, you know I’m all about Scorpio season and with that comes my birthday. I truly love birthdays whether it’s my own or a friend’s. It’s such an exciting time to celebrate your growth and accomplishments from the year past, live in the moment and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead in the year to come.

Of course, everyone celebrates this a bit differently, so I’ve put together a quick guide for outfit inspo regardless if you’re “cheersing” to a night on the town or indulging in a spa day with the girls.


Dinner: What to wear to that restaurant you’ve been dying to go to that may be better suited for a group gathering rather than date night— hopefully with free dessert involved.

Weekend Getaway: What to wear for exploring that city you’ve always wanted to see.

Club: What to wear to a well-earned night on the town of glam looks, dancing and champagne.

Spa Day: What to wear to a day of relaxing— other than a robe.

Staycation: What to wear for a day of living up what your own “backyard” has to offer.