Queen of the Jungle

Wearing: Pretty Little Thing jacket, sweater and sneakers, H&M denim, Forever 21 bucket bag & Amazon Fashion sunnies.

Wearing: Pretty Little Thing jacket, sweater and sneakers, H&M denim, Forever 21 bucket bag & Amazon Fashion sunnies.

You can’t scroll through the ‘gram —let alone walk down the street— without coming across at least one instance of animal print. The IRL jungle is quite literally taking over its concrete rendition this season through furry leopard jackets, snakeskin booties and zebra print sweaters— just to name a few.

Animal print is nothing new (hello, 80’s) and can practically be considered a neutral in our wardrobes; but thanks to designers like Tom Ford, Zadig & Voltaire and new it-brand Ganni, these perennial prints are back to the front-and-center of our closets and Instagram feeds.

No matter your taste-level or daringness, there’s a way to stay on-trend and find the styling cues that speak to your comfort zone. But, hey, pushing the boundaries is half the fun of fashion, right?

1. Queen of the Jungle

You jump head first into trends, you’re up for a challenge and fear is not a factor for you when it comes to fashion. Be the true queen of the jungle that you are and go full-throttle into animal print. Opt for bold hues, like red, cobalt and neon green, or flirt with textures for an added level of interest. If you’re really feelin’ it this season, try mixing neutral-backed animal prints— you’d be surprised how well a tan snakeskin and leopard play together.

2. The Jane in Town

Maybe these prints aren’t your typical go-to, but you’re ready to make yourself at home in the animal kingdom this season. The best way to think of animal prints when it comes to styling is to treat them just like any other printed neutral. Stick to the typical tans, greys and blacks until you really get the hang of it. Pair them with pops of color and other fabrications, like leather and suede, to have some fun with it.

3. The 5-Star Safari

So, you’ve made your way to the jungle but you’d rather stay in the comfort of a five-star resort than go full on safari vibes. Totally cool, there’s nothing wrong with just dipping your toe in the water, per say. Keep an eye out for accessories in silhouettes that you’re already fond of and amp them up with an adventurous, new print. Snake and leopard both take well to handbags, booties, heels, loafers and even cold weather accessories, like scarves, gloves and hats.