The 3 Tips You Need to Know for Summer-to-Fall Styling

Ah, September… That awkward time between summer and fall when Mother Nature just can’t seem to make up her mind. One day you’re sipping cocktails on a rooftop in your favorite romper and the next you’re trudging to work in a tsunami-like rainstorm debating whether or not Hunter boots are still socially acceptable. So, how do you attempt to stay chic, stylish and on-trend during all of this? Well, I’m still mastering it myself, but read on for my top tips to making transitional dressing a bit more attainable.

1. Dress in Layers

This can be tricky. “Dress in layers” meaning have a lightweight jacket or blazer easily accessible at all times, not your heaviest sweater— even though you’ve been dying to wear it. Some places are still blasting their AC like it’s July and mornings and evenings tend to be drastically cooler than they were even two weeks ago. On the flipside, the sun is still hot af so opt for a piece you don’t mind draping over your shoulders or throwing in your tote if it gets too hot.

2. Mixing Lengths

Not only is this tip helpful but it also creates super creative, eye-catching looks. For example, I kept this in mind with a lot of my looks for Fashion Week (check them out here!). Try pairing shorts with a blazer or oversized trousers with a lightweight t-shirt or crop top —depending on the occasion— for a playful way to mix-and-match pieces that don’t always get to be styled together when we’re deeper into a season.

3. Focus on Pops of Seasonal Prints/Fabrics

So, if you show up in a head-to-toe, summer (yes, different than fall) floral ensemble, you may turn a few heads— and not necessarily in a good way. Integrate your frequented summer pieces into your fall wardrobe by pairing unlikely companions with one another to create daring and fashionable look. Some combinations I love are florals with leather, suede with lace and chiffon with velvet.

Shop some of my favorite options below, or contact me to help find exactly what you’re looking for this fall. My look: Bershka pants, vintage jacket, Boohoo t-shirt, DSW shoes, ViaSpiga purse