The Art of Print Mixing

With prints on the rise in recent years, our closets are transforming from a sea of solids into an array of patterns. Forecasters are in agreement that 2019 will continue to follow suit, thanks to the growing popularity of prints like snakeskin, zebra and plaid.

When thinking about your own closet-- have you started to realize your favorite pieces have begun to clash when you’re picking out an outfit in the morning? With such a print-driven trend cycle, it seems as though anything worth buying nowadays must be bold, unique and obviously show the newness.

So, this leaves us with the question of how do we wear these pieces together? Welcome to the art of print mixing. Read on for my top three rules for the optimal success.


1. Find a Consistent Color Palette

This styling cue is the easiest to apply for seamless print pairing. First, select the statement piece that’s going to be the center of your look. From that piece, take the dominating hue or color family into consideration to pair a coordinating piece that will complement versus challenge the star of the show. For example, ensure each item has black as its major player or coordinate items all within shades of tans, yellows and creams.

2. Mix Motifs

This is another great tip for creating a look that’s less than overbearing— no matter your personal style. Think of a look that includes two different floral prints; pretty overwhelming, right? Instead, try pairing juxtaposed motifs. My favorite combination of the moment is mixing animal print with traditional “menswear” motifs for a balanced look.

3. Geometry Cues

Similar to mixing print categories, take advantage of those geometry skills and take shapes into consideration. To simplify, mix “curvy lines” with “straight lines”— this doesn’t have to be literal but think sharp versus fluid if that helps. I always love taking a feminine floral and mixing it with an edgier stripe, achieving that balanced effect once again.