Turn Up the Heat on Office Style

It’s that time of year again —sunny days, humid air and, of course, summer Friday’s— which leaves us with the inevitable question of, “What exactly is office-appropriate attire?”

As much as we want to spend all day poolside in our favorite new bikini, we must face reality and dress for success—because that’s half of the fun of leaving the house, right? To make your morning a little less stressful, I've put together a list of key items that won't only leave you comfortable but fashionable, too.

1.    Culottes: The perfect medium between trousers and relaxed denim bring us the culotte. Although their trend-driven silhouette may initially come off as intimidating, they’re simple to style when complemented by your go-to graphic tee or button-up and sandals.

2.    Wrap Dress: You can never go wrong with a figure flattering wrap dress. No matter the season or your industry, this look is sure to impress. Find one in a playful print or pop of color to bring a bold flair to your usual workwear wardrobe.

3.    Mules: We must admit, one of the biggest perks of mules is their ability to appear dressed up while you’re actually comfy af. This convertible silhouette can be styled with office essentials to casual favorites for office-to-happy hour styling.

4.    Midiskirt: Turn your typical office pencil skirt up a notch with breezy pleats or asymmetrical draping through this season’s midiskirt selection. Brands have livened up this previously tired trend, and I am so here for the revitalization.

5.    Silk Scarves: Not only are these beauties an ever-chic classic but are a must for staying cool this season. Try tying them into a ponytail or wrapped as a headband to help combat this season’s dreaded humid hair faux pas. They also make a great belt, bracelet or added element when looped around a handbag strap.