Currently Trending: The 80's

It’s no secret that fashion has been all about the “more is more” mindset lately. Whether it’s a fabulous volumized top, bold jewel tones or fierce power suit, the 80’s is all about being unapologetically yourself.

Taking a look back at the 80’s culture, there’s a lot of similarities to our mindset today. The “Yuppie” culture stayed true to “work hard, play hard” while the “New Romantics” styled themselves with outlandish opulence evolved from the London club scene. Designers like Tom Ford and Saint Laurent are channeling this essence into their designs— Off-White designer Virgil Abloh even dedicated an entire collection to Princess Diana last season.

In a world that can be so bleak, there’s no shame in a little extra fun and self-expression. So, go ahead, treat yourself this season. Cheers to that!

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